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We can help you break your financial chains.  Financial freedom begins here...
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Imagine life without harassing phone calls from 
creditors.  Life without the worry of lawsuits or the
stress of trying to make ends meet. No more feeling
like you are drowning in the deep end of a pool of
debt.  A better future begins here!  As your bankruptcy attorney you can count on us to provide proven bankruptcy solutions; solutions that have helped hundreds of bankruptcy clients find a better financial future.  

The Law Firm of Thomas H. Terry, P.C. is NOT your average law firm.    Our experienced bankruptcy lawyer is the attorney of choice for clients who want high-quality Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy representation at an affordable price.

BREAK your financial chains!
STOP harassing phone calls & garnishments.
PROTECT home and property.
START fresh & RESTORE peace of mind

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Clients choose us because we deliver…______________
The Law Firm of Thomas H. Terry, P.C. strives for excellence as your bankruptcy attorney.  
Our philosophy is simple..._____________________
We are committed to offering high-quality, honest
bankruptcy attorney services, with personalized care, and affordable rates. Our goal is to treat each client as we personally would want to be treated. The Law Firm of Thomas H. Terry, PC was founded in January 2006, just after the sweeping changes in bankruptcy law went into effect in October 2005. We had been in practice together as a legal team at another firm during the period leading up to the change in law. We had witnessed the impersonal, mass production philosophy that many bankruptcy attorneys subscribe to. When we founded our firm, we determined that we would offer clients a better kind of bankruptcy. We would never be the infamous "bankruptcy mill" of high fees, low service, and staff who confuse clients with cattle.
Our difference means benefits for YOU...___________
Don’t be fooled. Bankruptcy Mill lawyers actually try to entice inexperienced clients by bragging that bankruptcy is all they do. They act as if their lack of legal experience is worth something! In the real world, law just doesn’t work that way. Your bankruptcy may be impacted by other areas of the law. If any of your financial problems are the result of family or health challenges, a divorce, or loss of employment, wouldn’t it be nice if your bankruptcy attorney had experience in these areas, too? The Law Firm of Thomas H. Terry, PC, has recognized skill and experience in family law matters such as divorce, custody, and adoptions. We have successfully argued social security disability cases. And we have successfully represented clients in a variety of employment law cases including unemployment compensation hearings, Merit System Protection Board, breach of employment contract, denial of overtime pay, discrimination, and wrongful termination.   
Added to that, our bankruptcy paralegal understands
the ins-and-outs of financial document preparation with
nearly 18 years of law firm experience. Plus she has
valuable education in accounting, and experience as a banking loan officer, and tax preparer. It’s an ideal
combination of legal and financial experience. 

Your better financial future begins here! The Law
Firm of Thomas H. Terry, P.C. is NOT your average 
bankruptcy lawyer. We are the Colorado Springs bankruptcy attorney of choice for clients who want high-quality, caring legal representation, at an affordable price.

Call today for your FREE initial consultation, (719) 633-0909.
Want to know more before your initial consultation?___
Here are some common questions and answers:

How can I get creditors to stop calling me?

The easiest answer is to hire us as your bankruptcy attorney. Once you have notified creditors that you have hired us, collection calls should stop. If a creditor continues to call, you may actually have a legal claim against that creditor!

What are my bankruptcy options? 

Chapter 7 (discharge of most debts, and liquidation of nonexempt assets)
Chapter 11 (business reorganization)
Chapter 12 (family farmer or fisher)
Chapter 13 (partial or full repayment plan over time followed by discharge)

The type of bankruptcy that is right for you depends on many factors including your income, occupation, assets, amount and type of debt, household size, marital status, tax situation, currency on house payments, previous bankruptcy, and other factors. Only a qualified bankruptcy attorney should ever be permitted to advise you on the type of bankruptcy that is best in your situation. A misfiled or poorly filed bankruptcy can be very costly and make a bad situation much worse.

Can I keep my property? 

You can rest easy that most assets that people own are protected in the bankruptcy. The law is designed to ensure that honest people are left with a reasonable amount of property to be able to start over again. The specific types of property and amounts that are protected in the bankruptcy are known as “exemptions”. Each state sets its own exemptions within certain federal limits. The particular exemptions that apply to you depend partly on how long you have lived in your current state. If you have lived in Colorado less than two years, you may be required to use exemptions from some other state. Our qualified bankruptcy attorney will be able to tell you which exemptions apply to you. However, most states allow you to keep a substantial amount of equity in a home, car, furnishings, clothing, jewelry, business tools, retirement accounts, and wages (to name just a few). Have extra property? Certain chapters of the bankruptcy code may allow you to keep property beyond your reasonable needs if you enter into a plan to repay a portion or all of your debt.  Our bankruptcy attorney will advise you as to your best option.

Will my credit be hurt if I file bankruptcy? 

Possibly, but keep in mind that most people filing bankruptcy already have badly damaged credit from nonpayment or late accounts. It may actually be easier to get financed after filing bankruptcy because a creditor will have confidence that past creditors are no longer competing for your money (your previous debts will have been canceled in the bankruptcy). You will not be able to file bankruptcy again for a number of years. This means the new creditor may feel confident that it will not only get paid, but also that a higher interest rate can be charged to you because of the bankruptcy. And credit can be repaired after filing. It is not uncommon to hear of clients who several years after bankruptcy have reestablished their credit and now have scores over 700. Our bankruptcy attorney will be happy to discuss with you ways you can rebuild your credit once bankruptcy is filed. 

Is bankruptcy an honest solution? 

In the vast majority of cases, YES! Creditors understand that unforeseen events happen in life. It is implied in nearly every contract if you lose your job, go through a divorce, have medical problems, fail at business, or things just get out of control, that you may need to seek the help of a bankruptcy attorney to claim the right to have a fresh start. That is why the United States Constitution specifically mentions bankruptcy, and even the ancient Biblical people practiced a form of bankruptcy . It sometimes is a surprise to find that many of the people we most admire (businessmen, teachers, religious and community leaders, friends, and family) have gone through bankruptcy.  Our bankruptcy attorney will help you on the path to an honest solution.

What does bankruptcy really cost? 

Are you tempted by attorney ads that promise fees under $500?  Don't be.  Here is why...

There is usually no engine in that used car.  By that we mean, you are likely to have a lot of "costs" added on to a supposed super low fee that make the true cost much, much more.  AND it often means not getting the service or representation needed, which can turn out to cost even more in stress and mistakes as you try to muddle through without the help you thought you were paying for.    

The truth is that fees depend upon the complexity and type of bankruptcy being filed. Specific quotes can be given only after your specific situation is reviewed. However, we are very confident that our firm offers some of the most competitive fees in town. We are happy to provide general quotes upon phone or email request. We encourage you to compare our fees to other full service bankruptcy attorneys in town. When price and quality matter, The Law Firm of Thomas H. Terry, PC is the bankruptcy attorney of choice.
Call today for your FREE initial consultation, (719) 633-0909.

Copyright 2017 Thomas H. Terry. Website for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed as legal advice. We are a Federally designated debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code. Laws and office policies are subject to change without notice.

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We offer results-oriented representation and competive fees. However, past success cannot guarantee future results, and outcomes cannot be guaranteed by any bankruptcy attorney. 
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